Overview of the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association

"Promote, Preserve, and Perpetuate the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets by supporting Former, Current, and Future Cadets."

The Road to 25 Years

by Jill Bright ‘91


The Corps Recruiting Program was established in 1988.  Under the Commandant’s purview, it was the first organized and professional recruiting for the Corps.  By the 1990’s the Corps numbers were disturbingly low.


In 1992, five former Cadets raised private funds to form an organization to provide additional support for the Corps Recruiting Program.  It was named the Corps Leadership Outreach Program (CLO).  The additional strategy became to develop a program for former Cadets to recruit for the Corps within their home areas.  The CLO Program continued for several years.


On April 21, 1993, the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association (CCA) received its charter from the State of Texas.  In 1995, the Internal Revenue Service recognized the CCA as a non-profit organization, with the charge to assist in funding the Corps Recruiting Program and promote the Corps of Cadets to high school students throughout Texas. 


Within a short period of time and facilitated by the outpouring of financial support of members, the CCA began funding other initiatives for Cadets.  Over the ensuing years, the Corps has continued to grow and develop additional program-related funding needs.  The CCA has responded by increasing its areas and levels of support.  Presently, in addition to continuing to supplement the Corps Recruiting Program, the CCA singularly funds approximately 50 “Quality of Life Programs.”


Funds are raised through membership and other type donations, merchandising, and corporate support.  The CCA is not funded or supplemented by the University.


62% - Current Cadets

31% - Former Cadets

7% - Future Cadets

75% - Cadet Programs

11% - Fundraising

14% - Administration

Thank you for giving back to the Corps through the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets Association!