Hall of Honor Gala

The Hall of Honor Gala is the hallmark event for recognizing and honoring those who contribute to the Texas A&M Corps of Cadets in a manner that is above and beyond the call.  The Corps of Cadets established the Hall of Honor in 1993 to pay tribute to those former cadets who have lived a life that exemplifies the Texas Aggie Spirit. Those chosen also possess the values upon which the Corps was founded: honor, loyalty, service, pride, patriotism, faith, leadership, and honesty. CCA Order of the Saber level and above are invited to attend the Hall of Honor Gala. 

2019 Hall of Honor Gala

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Thank you to the 2019 Hall of Honor Sponsors


The Texas A&M University System, Chancellor’s Office

James “Doug” Pitcock Jr. ’49

Norma & Richard ’59 A. Smith


Betti & Michael ’75 Tiner

Julie ’95 & Keith ’78 Williams

Hall of Honor Inductees

March 30, 2019

Dean Edwin Jackson Kyle 1899

Mr. Durward B. “Woody” Varner ’40

Mr. Samuel E. “Gene” Murphree Jr. ’45

Lieutenant General John H. Miller ’46

Mr. Allen B. Cunningham ’54

Dr. Donald B. Powell ’56

Mr. John D. White ’70

Reverend David A. Eubank ’83

March 24, 2018

Captain Joseph Eugene "Joe" Routt ’37

Dr.  Jarvis E. Miller ’50

Honorable Samuel L. "Loyd" Neal Jr. ’59

Mr. Paul A. Dresser Jr. ’64

Dr. J. Malon Southerland ’65

Mr. Richard Kardys ’67

 Colonel Robert D. "Danny" Barr ’68

Mr.  M. Scott Taylor ’69

Mr. Ronald L. Adams ’70

Mr. David D. Dunlap ’83

April 1, 2017

Colonel Edward “E.B.” Cushing 1880

Mr. Frederick E. Giesecke 1886

Colonel Charles C. Todd 1897

Mr. Tom C."Ike" Morris ’33

Mr. Robert H. Allen ’50

Mr. Charles L. Pence ’51

Mr. C.C. Taylor ’51

Mr. Lupe Fraga ’57

Dr. Richard Box ’61

Mr. Arno W. Krebs Jr ’64

Mr. Craig C. Brown ’75

Major General David Rubenstein ’77

April 2, 2016

Colonel Thomas P. Dooley ’35

Mr. William M. “Bill” Huffman ’53

Mr. Donald Zale ’55

Mr. A. Dwain Mayfield ’59

Mr. Charles H. “Butch” Gregory ’64

Congressman Gregory H. Laughlin ’64

Mr. H. Jerome Rektorik ’65

Mr. Rick J.W. Graham ’66

Dr. Stephen A. Holditch ’69

Mr. Jess C. “Rick” Rickman III ’70

Major General (TXSG) Gerald R. “Jake” Betty ’73

Mr. S. Keith Williams ’78

March 7, 2015

Mr. Tom S. Gillis Jr. ’42

Mr. James R. “Bob” English Jr. ’46

Brigadier General Donald J. Johnson ’55

Dr. Ray M. Bowen ’58

Mr. Arthur R. “Artie” McFerrin Jr. ’65

Dr. Joe Townsend ’67

Mr. R. Sam Torn ’70

Mr. Charles L. Korbell Jr. ’71

Mr. Robert W. “Bob” Harvey ’77

March 22, 2014

Brigadier General Mike P. Cokinos ’43

Mr. James D. “Doug” Pitcock ’49

Mr. Gerald Ray ’54

Dr. Joe E. West ’54

Mr. Melbern G. Glasscock ’59

Mr. Roderick D. “Rod” Stepp ’59

Mr. David C. Anderson ’64

Mr. Hector Gutierrez Jr. ’69

Mr. Billy J. “Bill” Youngkin ’69

Mr. H. Malcolm Stewart ’73

March 23, 2013

Staff Sergeant George D. Keathley ’37

Major Horace S. Carswell Jr. ’38

Mr. George A. Linskie ’38

Mr. J. Wayne Stark ’39

Second Lieutenant Thomas W. Fowler ’43

Staff Sergeant William G. Harrell ’43

Second Lieutenant Lloyd H. Hughes Jr. ’43

Brigadier General Edmond S. Solymosy ’60

Mr. L.C. “Chaz” Neely ’62

Mr. Harris J. Pappas ’66

Mr. Joseph V. Tortorice ’70

Mr. Otway B. Denny Jr. ’71

Mr. Van H. Taylor ’71

General William M. Fraser III ’74

April 14, 2012

Captain Eli L. Whiteley ’41

Major Hughes “Buddy” Seewald ’42

Mr. Donald A. Adam ’57

Major General H. Hale Burr ’65

Lieutenant General John A. Van Alstyne ’66

Mr. W. Michael Baggett ’68

Congressman Bill Flores ’76

President George H. W. Bush

March 26, 2011

Mr. Michel T. Halbouty ’30

Mr. Charles A. Mattei ’49

Colonel Thomas R. Parsons ’49

Colonel James R. Woodall ’50

Mr. Joe Mattei ’53

Mr. Ronald L. Skaggs ’65

Dr. Ed Davis ’67

Mr. James R. “Jim” Thompson ’68

Dr. John A. Adams Jr. ’73

March 6, 2010

Lieutenant Turney W. Leonard ’42

Mr. H. Jarrell Gibbs ’60

Mr. William B. Heye Jr. ’60

Major General Ted Hopgood Jr. ’65

Mr. Henry Goodwin ’66

Mr. Neal W. Adams ’68

Colonel Michael Fossum ’80

February 7, 2009

Dr. James H. “Red” Duke Jr. ’50

Lieutenant Colonel Donald R. “Buck” Henderson ’62

Colonel Donald E. Crawford ’64

Mr. Bill E. Carter ’69

Mr. Jerry S. Cox ’72

February 9, 2008

Lieutenant George P.F. Jouine ’07

Mr. James K.B. Nelson ’49

Rear Admiral Robert Smith III ’61

Lieutenant General James “Terry” Scott ’64

September 09, 2006

Mr. Jack E. Brown ’46

Mr. Joe B. Foster ’56

Mr. Billy P. Huddleston ’56

Lieutenant General Leonard D. Holder ’66

Dr. Robert M. Gates

October 01, 2005

Mr. A. W. “Head” Davis Jr. ’45

Mr. Clifford A. Taylor Jr. ’49

Mr. James B. Kelly ’52

Lieutenant General Randolph W. House ’67

General T. Michael “Buzz” Moseley ’71

October 02, 2004

Major General George F. Moore ’08

Mr. George P. Mitchell ’40

Mr. John H. Lindsey ’44

Major General Dionel E. Aviles ’53

Mr. Erle A. Nye ’59

October 11, 2003

Mr. James L. Huffines Jr. ’44

Mr. Edward F. Kruse ’49

Mr. Howard W. Kruse ’52

Mr. Jon L. Hagler ’58

General Hal M. Hornburg ’68

November 16, 2002

Mr. Joseph “Searcy” Bracewell Jr. ’38

Mr. Willy Frank Bohlmann Jr. ’50

Colonel Harvey James Haas ’59

Governor James R. “Rick” Perry ’72

October 27, 2001

Major General Thomas G. Darling ’54

Mr. H.B. “Bartell” Zachry Jr. ’54

Mr. Frank M. Muller Jr. ’65

General Patrick K. Gamble ’67

October 28, 2000

Mr. Leslie L. Appelt ’41

Mr. L. Lowry Mays ’57

Mr. Raul B. Fernandez ’59

Mr. Robert L. Acklen Jr. ’63

October 16, 1999

Mr. H.B. “Pat” Zachry ’22

Major General Raymond L. Murray ’35

Brigadier General Clifford M. Simmang ’36

Mr. Thomas R. Frymire ’45


October 24, 1998

Mr. John R. Hill Jr. ’44

Mr. Kenneth R. Huddleston ’50

Mr. Clayton W. Williams Jr. ’54

Mr. Edward C. “Pete” Aldridge Jr. ’60

November 1, 1997

Lieutenant General Robert W. Colglazier Jr. ’25

Mr. James W. Aston ’33

Lieutenant General Eivind H. Johansen ’50

General Joseph W. Ashy ’62

September 28, 1996

Mr. H.R. “Bum” Bright ’43

Mr. Arthur P. Wiley Jr. ’46

Mr. Weldon D. Kruger ’53

Mr. Gerald D. Griffin ’56

October 14, 1995

General O.P. Weyland ’23

Colonel George J. Eppright ’26

Mr. Jack Finney ’38

Mr. Bernard C. Richardson ’41

October 4, 1994

Lieutenant Colonel E.V. Adams ’29

Major General Alvin R. Luedecke ’32

Mr. Harvey Cash ’33

Lieutenant General James F. Hollingsworth ’40

September 18, 1993

Lieutenant General A.D. Bruce ’16

Dr. Sam Houston Sanders ’22

General Bernard A. Schriever ’31

Major General James Earl Rudder ’32

Mr. Olin E. Teague ’32

Lieutenant General Ormond R. Simpson ’36

Lieutenant General J. T. Robbins ’40

Mr. Oscar S.  Wyatt  Jr.  ’45